Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

What started out as a rough morning for Mother's Day, ended up being a fabulous day!

Sunday mornings are always a challenge. 9am church is early to get 3 girls ready and ME! Add to that all the responsibilities my hubby has for church and things get a bit frantic!

The men at church put on a nice breakfast for all the women...including a chocolate fountain. (I didn't dare go near that with all my health issues...but it sure looked fancy!)

And the kids sang a couple songs during Sacrament meeting. That always gets me to tear up a bit.

(This was post church. Charlee has a blue mouth because she ate a sucker on the way home from church...we're just grateful it didn't get on her dress.)

We went to dinner at my mom's house, which isn't unusual for Sundays...but this time she had each of us moms pick out something special we wanted for dinner. I picked Bar-b-qued Chicken, Tiff picked Yellow Squash, and my mom picked Ice Cream Sundaes. It was all delish!!

My mom, me and my girlies.

My mom and I....I love her lots...she's my bestie!!

My mom is so fun! She gave me the gift of THYME...and since she gave me thyme, she also gave me a gift card to plant other things in my garden and some shorts so I look good while gardening. And since I have so much thyme, she also gave me a REAL SIMPLE magazine to read. Get it??? Hahahaha....she's so punny!!

On the way home from my mom's house we turned Bruno Mars on in the car....realllly LOUD! My girls all chimed in and sang "Mom, You're Amazing...Just The Way You Are!" Tears....tears...tears. That was the best gift of all to hear them sing that song to me.

Listen/watch it here: Bruno Mars

Happy Mother's Day!!!


pati-Sue said...

Amy I know that we in the LDS church are wary of being proud, but having acknowledged that, I am proud to have you for my daughter and friend. The girls are benefitting from your observation of me as a mother :) especially as you try to not make the same ones I did. We have fun together and I love you unconditionally!

The SoCal Jones' said...

Awww. What a nice, sweet day. And your mom is sweet AND punny!