Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5th grade picnic

Since my girls go to a K-8 school, 5th grade "promotion" is not a huge deal. The 5th graders get a little more "elaborate" picnic. But really, I think the 5th graders are just happy having one free day to just hang out with friends.

The picnic was held at College Estates Park, which is the park we hang out at after school most days. Since we were there the day before the picnic, I got the chalk out and drew a big "Congratulations Tincher 5th Graders" on the sidewalk. The kids got a kick out of that!

Sabrina and her bestie, Kellie
Sabrina and her posse...watermelon time!

There was lots of fun stations for the kids to painting (seen below), a fishing booth with fun prizes, a photo booth, parachute games, and kickball.

At the end of the picnic they had a water balloon toss. Sabrina and her partner, Eric, had mad tossing skills!!

It was a fun day of celebrating with friends...most of whom we have know since kindergarten!

Congratulations, Sabrina, for making it halfway through your public education process...only 7 years to go.........

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