Friday, June 3, 2011

5th grade play - We Come From Everywhere

Sabrina's teacher decided to do a play for two 5th grade classes back in March. These kids have been working so hard to learn the songs and their parts. Sabrina was driving me crazy singing all the songs all the time. Even her sisters knew all the songs!

Well, it was finally show time and I was not disappointed!!

The story is about the United States being a "Melting Pot"; hence, the name, "We Come From Everywhere".

On the first night Sabrina played the part of a Greek imigrant.

And on the second night she had one of the lead parts. She even sang a solo! (Of course blogger won't let me upload that...but there's another short scene you can watch below.)

Singing her solo!

This is Sabrina with her bff, Kellie and their coach from College Estates Park, Brandon. He came both nights to see "his girls" kill it on stage! He was so proud. And it speaks volumes about him to take the time to come see these girls perform. They loved it!

Mrs. Turien, the 5th grade teacher/director!

And lots of family came to support this girl in yet another adventure in her life!

Congratulations 5th graders...You all were awesome!!


ashcraft8 said...

The solo pic is great. I love the new family picture at the top!

pati-Sue said...

Very well done! The whole cast did a great job. Your teacher can be proud of you all. Sabrina, your solo was great. nana