Saturday, September 29, 2007

Meet Tabitha

The "Middle" Princess
Tabitha Roanne Del Bello,
born on September 19, 2003.
Tabitha is a fun-loving, outgoing, independant, goofy, dramatic, silly, stubborn little girl.
She makes her mom laugh and cry all in a matter of minutes.
She loves to perform(sing, dance, tell stories, make you laugh, etc.) on her own terms. She loves to ride her beach cruiser, roller blades, scooter, and basically just be outside and find dirt. She just started preschool at Belmont Heights Church Preschool and has a wonderful teacher, Miss Lizzy. She loves spending time with her Nana and Papa. She loves playing Polly Pockets with her sister, Sabrina. And she does a great job of holding her baby sister, Charlee.

And her smile will definately win your heart.
Tabitha and her cousin Devyn

Tabitha and her "look alike" cousin Rylee.

The princess on her chariot.

Tabitha has beautiful red hair, inherited from both sides of the family. She also wears glasses to correct what is commonly called "lazy eye".

We love her exactly the way she is!!!

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