Saturday, September 29, 2007

Meet Sabrina

Sabrina Sue Del Bello.

She blessed us with her presence on March 23, 2000.

Her name actually means princess. I think she knew the name of every single Disney princess before she knew her colors.

Sabrina is an all-around wonderful child! She loves school. She just started 2nd grade at Tincher Preparatory School, with her teacher being Mrs. Lockerman. Sabrina is a social butterfly and has lots of friends.

She loves to run, just like Daddy. She just completed her first 5k with her Dad at Disneyland this summer. She is definately a distance runner. From the time she was born she has always had what we call "happy feet". She has a lot of potential and wants to continue running. Watch out BYU track!!

Sabrina likes to be outside. She is very active, skateboarding, scootering, biking, swimming, running, rollerblading, and more. She is very competitive and wants to try everything at least once. No fear.... You go girl!

Sabrina is very obedient. She loves church. She trys to choose the right all the time, making good choices most of time. She is happy 99.9% of the time. She is responsible and dependable.

She loves High School Musical, American girl dolls, reading books, finding bugs, and playing on the computer.

She's beautiful and she's our brown-eyed girl.

Sabrina and her friend Megan Limburg. Sabrina and Megan have been friends since birth (they are 4 weeks apart in age). We sure do miss Megan since she moved to Corona. But every time the girls get together she just pick up where they left off. They are kindred spirits.

Sabrina and her friends, Brooke and Brenna. These girls love to hang out together! They eat lunch together, play on the playground together, have playdates, and lots more. What darling 2nd graders!

Run, Sabrina, Run!!!

Sabrina Sue, We sure do love YOU!

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