Monday, October 1, 2007

Our favorite frog - Meet Gian

My favorite frog, turned prince!

Gian Damon Del Bello, born on April 30,1972 in
Rome, Italy.
Gian moved to the United States (Long Beach, California to be exact) when he was 12 years old.

He attended DeMille Middle School, Millikan High School (class of 1990), Long Beach City College, and finally Cal State Long Beach University to earn a B.S. in Criminal Justice.

He served a LDS mission in Montreal, Canada - French speaking.

Gian and I knew each other from the time he moved here from Italy. In fact, we even went to high school together. But never really clicked until after his mission. We got married in the Los Angeles Temple on April 25, 1997. And established the castle and the heirs to the throne thereafter.

Gian works as a social worker for Adult Protective Services for the County of Los Angeles. He enjoys his job and is very talented at it. He feels his job is challenging, but rewarding.

Gian's passion, other than us girls, is running. He loves to distance running (5k, half-marathons, and full marathons). He finds it very relaxing.

Gian speaks both Italian and French. He can recognize other languages but not speak them.

Gian always wants to be of service to others. He is constantly trying to help others and make people happy.

Gian is the BEST DAD EVER!!! He loves his girls very much. He loves playing with them. He loves taking care of his girls. He has no shame in putting on some sparkly jewels and dancing to the Cheetah Girls.

He is the BEST HUSBAND EVER!!!! I can't even begin to detail how wonderful Gian treats me. Not a day goes by that Gian doesn't say "I love you" at least 10 times. He does the dishes, he does the laundry, scrubs the toilet, and all the other stuff I hate doing. He is my MR. PERFECT!
We love you daddy! And I love you more, Gian!

Gian, Sabrina, Tabitha (being quite uncooperative) and Maggie (who no longer with us).

No, not Halloween. Baby Charlee's birth and daddy in his operation room gear. Yep, he was there all 3 times!

Gian and his "favorite" princess.

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