Sunday, November 4, 2007

Auntie Marie

This is my great aunt Marie. Here's the breakdown: she is my dad's mom's sister. She is 96 years old. Just this year she moved out of her own home and into a senior apartment complex. She is in fairly good health...some trouble walking and some trouble hearing. She is a very funny lady and always gives us a few giggles. She loves to be around all the kids. She was married twice, yet never had any of her own children. She's always worried about my kids not having shoes on. When she was holding Charlee all she would say is "I think she's cold. She needs socks. Don't you think she's cold? Can't you put socks on her??"
My dad drives to Chino about every other month and has her come to Sunday dinner. We usually have her over on holidays as well.
Marie is my only living relative. As many of you know both my parents were only children, therefore I have NO aunts, uncles or cousins. Both sets of my grandparents are decesed (sp?). So Auntie Marie is the only one left. I love this spunky lady! I hope she lives to be 100 and more...she is a great person.


pati-Sue said...

Auntie Marie is a great lady. She is so appreciative of Dad bringing her down for dinner--I think the fact that she is hard of hearing gets her through the bedlam of our Sunday meals. Great picture of her and Charlee.
Love Mom

ashcraft8 said...

Auntie Marie is one in a million for sure. I love visiting with her and getting parenting advice. Remember it is always to cold and we need to not be so rough. We are very lucky the kids are getting to know her.