Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gratitude Challenge

I, like everyone else, am thinking a lot about what I am grateful for. Of course I am grateful for my family (immediate and extended), the gospel of Jesus Christ, and friends.
But I wanted to challenge myself and come up with 10 other things that I am grateful for. So here goes, in no particular order...roll with my abstract ideas.
#1 - Happy, feel good music. Like the stuff you listen to when you are looking at my blog. If you have a personal fav, let me know...I'm always up for listening to something new.
#2 - Photography. Whether it's pictures I've taken or someone else has taken, I love it all. I love that pictures are worth a million words. I love capturing a moment in time, because time goes too fast.
#3 - Talents. I am grateful for the talents I have. However I LOVE that others have different talents that I can enjoy. I marvel at the creative genius of others. What talents do you have?
#4 - Books and reading. Even though I don't get to do it often, I am so grateful for the ability to read and for a good book. Once I start a good book, it's so difficult for me to put it down. I can usually down a good read in less than a week...never mind that nothing else gets done at home.
#5 - Erasers. Okay, that's random...but stay with me. I am grateful for the opportunity to make mistakes and then repent. I have made many, many mistakes in my life. I am so glad that I know forgiving people and that I move on.
#6 - Food. It's all good and I am grateful for all of it! Can you tell? I am grateful for the kindness of others who mysteriously left two baskets of goodies on our porch last night. How did they know?
#7 - Water. I LOVE water. I love to drink it, swim in it, bathe in it and just plain look at it. Such a beauty of nature.
#8 - speaking of nature, Flowers. I am grateful for flowers. I love trying to grow anything. It's so fun planting a seed and then seeing the rewards of that whole process. My dream home will always have a vase of fresh flowers. I love when Gian comes home from running to the store for me with a bouquet of flowers.
#9 - Valentine's Day. I am grateful for the opportunity to have a day dedicated to love. Like some people make Christmas their favorite holiday, we celebrate Valentine's day to the max. We make cookies, have a party, and cut out a lot of hearts. I love red. I love the shape of hearts. It's all so much fun for me!
#10 - Disneyland. It has so many sentimental memories for me. I remember going with my family when I was younger, going to Mormon nights there. It's where Gian and I went on our first date (he worked at the Blue Bayou for 10 years). Gian proposed to me there. We honeymooned at Walt Disney World. Each of our children has gone before they were 4 weeks old. It just a chance for us to get away and make memories.
So there you have it....my random gratitudes.
Hey, try it. What are grateful for, besides the usual stuff?


ashcraft8 said...

What a great list of things.Now you have me thinking of my ten. I'll let you know when I finish my list.

Natalie said...

I love this list! Thank you for inspiring me to ponder more on my blessings.

pati-Sue said...

Thank you for opening up to all of us and for getting us thinking. I have had the same thoughts in mind but I haven't written anything down. I will, by Thanksgiving Day.
Love you Mom

jonesfamily said...

I'm a little late to the party, but thanks for the challenge to think of different things we're thankful for, not the norm. I get into a thankful rut easily.