Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Turkey trots

Not THOSE kind of trots....geez, get your brain out of the gutter.

Sabrina ran in 2 Turkey Trots this week. The first one was on Monday at Whaley Park. She ran in the age 6-8 category. She came in 1st overall and 1st girl. She won a pumpkin pie from Polly's Pies. Lucky girl.

Then, today (Wednesday), she ran in the Turkey Trot at school. All 6 second grade classes ran at the same time. The first place girl and first place boy from each class got their names in a raffle for a turkey. Sabrina was first place (even with running an extra lap) in her class...but did not win the raffle. Oh well..she was just happy to be 1st!
When I went to pick her up from school, evidently they had plenty of turkeys and pumpkin she one of each to bring home for being 1st in her class.

Way to go, Sabrina! Thanks for winning a turkey and 2 yummy pies!!

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pati-Sue said...

Go Sabrina, Go! You are a gifted runner.