Saturday, December 22, 2007

Sabrina's Fall Awards Assembly

On Wednesday Sabrina had her awards ceremony for the Fall semester. She did really well. She got an award for homework, computer science, geography, writing, and for showing trustworthiness.
But her best award was the Principal's Award.
Here's my silly daughter:
On the way to school she says, "Mom, I really hope I get the Principal's award!"
Me: Why, Sabrina? I'll be proud of you no matter what award you get! Plus, the only special thing about the Principal's award is that you get a pencil.
Sabrina: YEAH, Mom. I want a pencil!!!
Me: What? You just want the award so you can have a dumb pencil.
(Side note...yes, that was bad parent comment there. I know...)
Sabrina: YEAH, Mom. I want the pencil because I really need a new eraser. All my erasers are worn out.
What a nerd!!! Silly girl.
So this picture is halirious...she is checking out to make sure there is a new eraser there. If you really look at the picture the other kids are checking thiers out too...guess us parents better give our kids more erasers!
Pencil with eraser....All is good in her world.


pati-Sue said...

Way to go Sabrina. I always thought that pencil erasers ought to be bigger! Keep up the good work at school... I'm so happy that you are a good student, and a fun girl.
Love ya Nana

Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

I will LOVE that pencil that I got. What can I do with myself.I LOVE that pencil of mine!

Love ya Sabrina