Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tabitha goes shopping

Tabitha's preschool had a shopping day for the kids to pick out gifts for their families. She was soooo excited to take her quarters to buy presents for Gian, me, Sabrina and Charlee. She was just beaming when I picked her up and asked her about her shopping adventure.
Unfortunately I burst her bubble when I told her she had to wait for us to open them. She was so upset that we wouldn't open them RIGHT AWAY. I got her to calm down and said we would open them as soon as Sabrina got home.
So, when Sabrina got home (like the second we stepped in the door) Tabitha distributed the gifts...gave a big countdown and we opened our presents. Gian got a tie - I got necklaces or bracelets (can't tell because they would fit either way) - Charlee got a cute baby toy - and Sabrina got a princess necklace and bracelet. I think Tabitha secretly wanted the princess stuff since she watched Sabrina open it and quickly asked if she could try it on! Thank goodness Sabrina is so caring....she let Tabitha have it back. That beaming smile came back!!!
Ahhhhh, to be 4 years old!

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pati-Sue said...

Early training on the theory that it is better to give than to receive, but receiving is good, too.Always give people things that you like. Tabitha's got the right idea. Love ya; T-ro