Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sleepover with Megan

Sabrina really misses her friend Megan Limburg, who lives in Corona. She has been wanting to see her for months. Finally we had Megan come spend the night. The girls played outside (even though it was colder than Alaska), they played games, ate junk food and watched High School Musical 2 about 3 times.
Sabrina and Megan have been friends since birth and even though Megan lives far away it's like they haven't missed a beat when they get together. It's so fun watching these girls grow and it's exciting to think that they will be baptized in 2008!!


Paterfamilias said...

You didn't say anything about no Junk food! I'm sure Megan begged and begged for it. Megan says thank you!

pati-Sue said...

Three cute girls! What a great picture!