Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year????

This New Year's eve was not that great. Let's hope it's not a sign of things to come. No parties, no husband, NO FUN!!!!
Gian had to set up for the youth new year's dance in the afternoon. While putting up the balloon drop he fell and sprained his ankle. At least we THINK it's sprained...he wouldn't go to the doctor to get it checked. He wouldn't give up the time to celebrate with his girls before going back to chaperone the youth dance.

So we rang in the new year at about 7pm since Gian wouldn't be with us. (Such a bummer.) We ate pizza, chips and dip, carrots and ice cream. We opened some poppers. We played High School Musical2 DVD game. And then bid farewell kisses to dad.

(Tabitha took this picture.... )

The rest of the night was spent at home just me and the girls (who were asleep by 10pm).

It's gotta get better in 2008!!!!
Here's what I am thankful for in 2007:
my family, friends and other loved ones
having another child join our family (Charlee, July 25th)
taking care of Thomas Hess
making memories with my family
my husband, who is perfect in every way and helps me have faith to go on amist difficult times
Sabrina, who is a great kid with happy feet
Tabitha, who teaches me patience and makes me laugh
Charlee, who gives me the best smiles
my mom, who is my greatest example
my dad, who calls me just to say hi
friends who helped out when I needed it and love me even though I have a lot of faults
a home to share with my favorite people
the gospel of Jesus Christ that gives me strength to be a better person
Maggie, who we lost this year but will forever be in our hearts
Hairspray, the movie that makes me smile
grass that's growing in my yard
and sooooo much more.


Natalie said...

I love the picture Tabitha took. Happy New Year!

pati-Sue said...

Happy New Year from us at our Chula Vista outing.
Love ya Mom & Dad

pati-Sue said...

I love your grateful list. I will get to work on my list. Thanks for reminding me.