Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Update on two thousand eight

So, here's the update.
Gian FINALLY went to the doctor yesterday. (Thanks Aaron Lopez for taking him!!!!)
After x-rays the doctor said it's a bilateral ankle sprain (both sides of the ankle). He has a gel cast which is supposed to be put in the freezer and then worn for a while off and on. He also got some sympathy sticks (crutches). He's still gimping around the house and doing his best to annoy me by not sitting with his foot up.
While he was at the doctor I got the privilege of staying home with the girls....well, it's always a privilege, but this time I got to clean up vomit all night. Yep, Tabitha got the "24 hour bug". Lovely! She was up most of the night being sick...but feels 100% better today, so technically it's not even 24 hours. (But just long enough to be annoying.) I'm hopeing it won't take over the house and we will all avoid getting the plague!! (All of us even got flu shots, what the heck?)
So, again, our 2008 is not all that great! But I have decided that everytime things go downhill (which apparently is often) I am going to count my blessings.
So here's 5 blessings:
1. Kaiser Permanente...thank goodness for excellent insurance and care!!!
2. trash cans...for sick children who do not make it to the bathroom AND
washing machines...for easier clean up
3. wii...what else would we do since we are all in seclusion (sp?)
4. great kids...Charlee didn't fuss while I helped Tabitha, Sabrina helped take care of Charlee, and Tabitha apologizing for getting sick
5. a gimpy husband...who still is concerned about me, even though he is in some pain!

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pati-Sue said...

Count your many blessings! I love your attitude--that is a blessing,too. We're praying that the rest of you stay healthy.
Love ya Mom and Dad