Saturday, January 5, 2008


I don't like posting with out pictures...but you don't need a picture of this.
Here's the story:
Tabitha was sick on the 1st. Fine for a day. Then she got sick on the 3rd. But she's fine now.
Sabrina started getting sick yesterday (the 4th).
And ME TOO!!!
I thought it was the flu and was sick from 4am on.....
Finally it was so bad that the nurse said to go to the emergency room. So I did and it turns out I don't have the flu...I have a bacterial infection caused by e.coli or samonella or something like that (tests will come back with the exact cause in 5 days). I had to stay and have IV fluids to get rehydrated...pain killers (which sent me to lala-land).....anti-nausea medications (to stop the action, if you know what I mean). I got to go home after a few hours with antibiotics, anti-nausea meds and instructions to have only a liquid diet for 24-48 hours and water only from a water bottle.
So there you have it...... YUCK.
I'm feeling just so-so, but now I think Gian is going downhill...stop the insanity!!! Sabrina is still pretty lethargic (she had some of what I ate, so I'm watching her carefully.)
Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
And here goes counting my blessings once again:
1. we are all alive....not well, but alive
2. Kaiser ....once again, they have come through for us
3. priesthood blessings...thank goodness for the comfort it brings
4. water...that's all I want right now...water, water, water
5. family...who came to help out by babysitting (thank you sooooo much Rylee and Tiff, who even had to deal with a sick kid), taking me to the emergency room (thanks Dad), and of course my great husband who came and kept me company


Heidi said...

Amy! I'm so sorry! I hope you get better soon! That's awful! =( What do you think you ate? Hang in there drinking and getting better! We will keep you all in our prayers. Isn't it nice to live so close to family?

Deon said...

I hope you guys feel better soon! That is horriable!!! You guys will be in our prayers!

Jeffrey, Meri, and Thomas said...

What? Are you ok? We are so sorry to hear you and your family are not 100% feeling well! Hope you get better really soon...we are coming back tomorrow! Do we need to make other arrangements?

Hess Fam said...

Oh my gosh that sounds HORRIBLE! I was a surprised to see your girls at church today. Hope you are feeling better soon.

pati-Sue said...

The rest pof the year should only get better! Good for you to count your blessings!
Love ya Mom