Monday, March 17, 2008

A Busy Weekend

This was one VERY busy weekend!!!
Friday night was Tabitha's preschool open house. She goes to Belmont Heights Church Preschool. She goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays for about 3 hours-not nearly enough time for her! (or me)
Here she is...all dressed up and ready to show us her classroom. Her class was all decorated like and under-the-sea looked WAY cool!!
This is Ms. Lizzy and Tabitha. Ms. Lizzy was also Sabrina's preschool teacher and with any luck will also be Charlee's someday. Ms. Lizzy is an amazing teacher with TONS of energy and TONS of love for each of her kids.

Tabitha had to show off her skills on the monkey bars!

Then we went out to dinner at Mimi's Cafe.
The girls were so good and we had such a nice evening out.
On Saturday we had a Primary Activity in the morning. I forgot my camera..but it was really cute. The Primary kids learned about service and how to be "Secret Service Agents".
After the activity I took Tabitha to her first friend birthday party. She was invited by Isabella in her preschool class to go to Color Me Mine (pottery painting place).
Here she is carrying her present..She was so excited to get there!

Tabitha and her friend (birthday girl) Isabella. Isn't the apron darling?? Each of the little girls got one similar.

Tabitha really got into painting her little flower shaped box. You can tell she was into it because her little tongue stuck out with each paintstroke. The concentration level was intense! Tabi can hardly wait to get the box back and use it for her trinkets.

After the party it was on to Sabrina's final basketball game. Again, no pictures...but they won this one and Sabrina actually made a basket. (So did Camryn...way to go girls!) So the Whaley Red Dragons won their first game and last game...but we won't talk about what happened in between...let's just say it was a learning experience!

Then Sabrina went to her friend, Blake's birthday party at Prehistoric Pets. That was interesting. The kids got to see, touch and hold all sorts of reptiles. To be honest...the place gave me the heebee geebees. Seriously...snakes, dragons, lizards, toads AGGGHHH!
My daring girl had this snake wrapped around her neck.

Obviously I was less than thrilled with this...but I did it too. The things we do for our children!

Sabrina kissed the frog...but no prince yet! Her dad said it was because she's only 7 years old...she needs to be 16+ before she she finds a toad to kiss.

Check out how big this snake is...count me out!!
As much as this party freaked me out, Sabrina LOVED it and had a great time!!
What a busy weekend! Fun, fun, fun!


ashcraft8 said...

Those were a lot of activities for 1 weekend. I'm glad you guys had fun. Amy, you're braver than I am.

pati-Sue said...

I love these girls. Some of the pictures you have are priceless--not the ones with the snakes. Your face tells it all!
Love ya Mom

Melissa said...

Talk about a busy weekend! How much fun did you guys have!! I absolutely love the picture with you and the snake - you are such a trooper. I also love the one with all the kids and the giant snake! I can't belive how many fun b-day places you went all in one weekend!

Heidi said...

eeeiiiuuuuuuuuuu! Your face is priceless, Amy! That is funny! I LOVE snakes!!! I grew up with a Boa Constrictor! =) I use to walk to the park with him around my waist! Yeah, that was a bit crazy!

Deon said...

OK even for my kids I don't think I could do the snake thing!!! I HATE THEM ok more scared then hate but still you get my point! I know I couldn't do it!!!

Jeffrey, Meri, and Thomas said...

What a fun weekend! We love you all!