Saturday, March 8, 2008

New glasses on a grown-up little girl

When did this girl grow up???
I can't believe how much she has changed.
She knows her numbers and letters. She can spell her name and write it too.
She is definately getting ready for school.
She also got new glasses this week.
She got pink Disney Princess "magic mirror" glasses.
She looks pretty darn cute with her new look!
Love you Tabitha!


ashcraft8 said...

I love the new glasses and she is definatly growing up.

pati-Sue said...

Tabitha, your new glasses are really pretty and they look good on you. You are growing up and getting ready for school! Keep up the learning...
You're a sweetie!
Love, Nana

Deon said...

I can't believe how big she is!!! Where has the time gone? We have only been gone a year!!! Love the pink glasses

cricket said...

Amy-Sue your family is darling...I can't believe you found my blog, but I am happy you did. I think of you often as well. I heard from Jennifer Cecil a few weeks ago also, it is so fun to reconnect with people. I am so glad you are happy and enjoying life...things here are wonderful also. We will keep in touch!
By the way, the glasses are really cute and she looks adorable in them.

cricket said...

Amy-Sue...your family is adorable. I am so happy you found my blog. Isn't blogstalking so much fun. You never know who you'll find. I think about you often as well. I want to keep in touch also. I love being reconnected with people. Take Care!
P.S. Your daugher really does look so cute in her new glasses!

cricket said...

Okay, so I must leave one more...yes I am still a bit computer slow. I have left 2 comments because I couldn't see the owner approval thing on the top. I wanted you to get it. I am sorry...Have a great day!

Jeffrey, Meri, and Thomas said...

What a the pic!