Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sabrina's 1500 run

Sabrina has joined a track club, Running Wild. This club is run by Millikan High School's track coach, Lance Thayer and was started in memory of his daughter who passed away due to brain cancer at the age of 3. Lance (and assistant coach Louie) are totally dedicated to teaching kids about track and they both have a definate love for the sport. Sabrina works out 3 days a week for 2 hours, running an average of 3 miles and doing other events as well (javelin, long jump, and various relays). SHE LOVES IT!!!! The picture above is her coach Lance and his 3 sons Bailey, Jalen, and Sammy who are also on the team. she had her first opportunity to run a race. Lance was running an invitational distance carnival at Vets Stadium in Long Beach (primarily for high schools). But since he was in charge of it he wanted his track club to come and run in a couple events.

First there was a "Lollipop Run" which was a 100 yard dash. No problem for Sabrina...heck, that's just a warm up.

Sabrina and Sammy...getting ready to run the 100.

Sabrina's on the right in black. Go....

Right after the "Lollipop Run" there was an open 1500 run. Anyone could run it! So Sabrina, Gian, Coach Louie, Jalen and Bailey all ran it. 1500 is 4 times around the track...about a mile.

Sabrina was the youngest out of all of the competitors (there was about 15 people that ran...mostly high school kids and a few adults).

On lap 1 there was lots of cheering and lots of people around us saying " oh look at that little cute" .

On lap 2 a whole group gathered on the side of the track cheering for Sabrina "Go little girl...go!"

By lap 3 the whole crowd was by the finish line getting quite loud "GEEZ, look at that girl go....she's awesome". One high school team stood on the side and did the wave as she went by.

On the final lap Sabrina REALLY turned on her speed and blazed to the finish.

She took 1st place for the women!!!!

Her time.....6 minutes 30 seconds. Yep...6 minutes and 30 seconds.

Almost 8 years old and can run a mile in 6 minutes and 30 seconds!!!

She put on an EXCELLENT show....she was in her glory!!! All the high school kids kept congratulating her...wanted pictures with her...asked her to be on their team. Someone asked to put her on their school website. Other adults were congratulating her and us on her talent, saying that she was amazing. She was definately a crowd pleaser!!!

I am so proud of her. She has definately found her niche!!! BUT, here's the part that makes me most proud. When I asked her where she got that power at the end, she said " Mom, from Him" pointing to the sky (as if she was talking about God). I am glad she knows that she has talent...but even more glad that she knows that it is a blessing from Heavenly Father!!!

P.S. Coach Louie ran 5 minutes 30 seconds...Jalen was just after Coach Louie...Bailey came in right after Sabrina...and we won't talk about Gian-let's just say, he didn't finish last!!


ashcraft8 said...

Great job Sabrina! You are the best runner that I know. I'm so happy you found a place where you can really focus on your talent.

Heidi said...

OK! Like make me cry about Heavenly Father supporting her throughout the race! Awesome Sabrina! Woo Hoo!!!!!

Melissa said...

That is absolutely amazing!! I can't believe how quick she is and that she won first place. Talk about T-A-L-E-N-T!!

pati-Sue said...

Way to go Sabrina! It's good that you remember who sent you here with the talents you have. Don't forget to thank Heavenly Father for those talents, often.
It was really fun watching you in your first official track meet!
We love you Nana and Papa

Danielle said...

I am so amazed at her time!!! What a great talent she has- good for you for helping her develop it!