Saturday, March 8, 2008

Dad's Donut Day

Friday was Dad's Donut Day at Tincher school. Sabrina and her daddy went early in the morning to have a donut and milk in the cafeteria. Then daddy stayed for a while in her class. They made a Dinosaur Diarama (sp?). Daddy even stayed for recess, of course...isn't that the best part of the day anyway??
Enjoy some pics....

Kyle, Sabrina, Brooke and Chip eating some yummy donuts.

A little game of basketball at recess...the funnest part of the day for daddy AND Sabrina.

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pati-Sue said...

Sabrina is so lucky that Gian can get the time to be with her for these events at school. She's a lucky girl to have an involved dad!
Love ya Sabrina and Gian