Tuesday, April 15, 2008

San Diego Flo Jo track meet

This was a fun weekend! Sabrina had a track meet in San Diego. So Gian took Sabrina and Tabitha down to San Diego on Friday afternoon. (Me and Charlee stayed home...more on that later.) They got there around 4 pm and checked into the hotel. The girls were anxious to check out the swimming pool - but even more excited to sleep in bunk beds.

The Thayers and The Felix's stayed in the same hotel and all three families went out to an Italian dinner when they arrived. (Carbo load...haha) The kids had a blast hanging out together.
Tabitha insisted on sleeping on the top bunk! Best part, the bunk beds had night lights...ohhhh!
The next morning all the team met up at the hotel's free breakfast and then headed off to the meet.
Arriana's long jump
Sabrina PR-ed in the long jump with her best jump being 8 feet 6 inches.

Girls Relay 4x100m....2nd place

The kids just keeping themselves entertained...It was a very long, VERY HOT day!!!!!!!

Arriana 1oom
Sabrina 100m
I love this picture of Tabitha just sitting on the track, watching. She was such a trooper to go and support her sister. I know it's hard on her to go to all these meets...but she is so good about it and we are doing our best to make sure she gets attention also.

The drive home was just what the girls needed after a long day!!! Note the red Powerade face and dirty, grungy bodies. Unfortunately, Gian was just as tired as soon as he got home.

So what did I do while they were gone??? Well, not much. I definately enjoyed my time alone with Charlee. Saturday was California Utah Women boutique and luncheon, which is held twice a year. I went with a fun group of gals...basically mother/ daughter day. We went to the boutique and got some cute little purchases. Then we went out to lunch at Shenondoah Cafe in Los Alamitos. Such a cute little place...lots of fun. Later that night I went out to dinner with Tiff, Rylee, Cassidy, Devyn, Peyton and Charlee. It was a great day! Unfornately no pictures since the camera went to San Diego instead- but I'm sure Tiff will post some.


Deon said...

Looks like they had so much fun! I love the shot of Sabrina in the the air. What a great husband to take the girls so that you could have some time to get some girl time in!!

Melissa said...

I love all the fun things Sabrina gets to do with her track! The women's conference sounds like you had a great time too. I'd never even heard about it until a few days ago...glad you had a good time.

pati-Sue said...

It was a great day all around. I loved being with you and Tiff and Rylee and Charlee and Natalie and Courtney and Melissa and Jessie.
I am happy about Sabrina's events and amazed at how good Tabitha is through all the track time.
And...Gian is a real trooper!
I love y'all !!! Mom

Heidi said...

Fun! I love Sabrina's action shot in the air! Wow...look at those legs! =) She is amazing! Love it!

Hess Fam said...

What a little athlete you have! I get so excited to see her track updates! I'm glad you enjoyed your quiet weekend too!