Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shakey's Carbo-Load

Friday night the track team decided to get together for pizza before the meet on Saturday. Kind of a "kid carbo-load". The kids had a blast eating a bunch of pizza, playing arcade games and winning tickets and picking out prizes. They all get along so well. Meanwhile the adults sat around, ate and had lots of great conversation. It was a fun evening for everyone! And a special thanks to Coach Louie's wife, Paula...the company that she works for donated money for us to go out! (Always nice to have a sponsor....hint, hint....any donations gladly welcomed....)

Charlee loved getting passed around and played with and loved watching the kids.
The kids table
The adults table
Bailey was the big winner on one game. I think he won like 150 tickets in one shot.
Arriana and Sabrina playing with the stuff they won.
What a fun night for the kids!! (and us parents)


pati-Sue said...

Building team spirit is important. Love the Charlee picture. Nana

Heidi said...

Fun! It's making me hungry!

Melissa said...

OK Charlee's highchair cover is adorable. Did you make it or buy it somewhere? I'm secretly hoping the later!