Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spring Break summary

So here's a run-down of our Spring Break 2008.
As I had mentioned before, we ALL got sick. Somehow we all overlapped days being sick...fever, blahs, toilet, more blahs, more toilet and repeat for four days each. Sabrina was sick the week before spring break. Tabitha got sick the morning of Easter (not that life wasn't busy enough that day). Charlee started getting sick the day we went to the beach. Gian the next day...and finally me the next day. Not a fun way to spend spring break. But life went on and we tried to do some stuff anyway. (heaven forbid Amy stop and relax a little...)

Sabrina got some money for her birthday and had saved some and wanted to buy some new hermit crabs. So here we have "Canada" and "Polka Dot".
And here we have a rather unhappy and sick Charlee trying to make the best of the beach day.
Don't ya just love that bathing suit?!

This picture totally says Surfer Girl to me...what do you think??? Get her lessons??

Sabrina just hangin' out in the water.

Of course a couple track meets had to happen...
This one is the city of Lakewood meet - a non-club meet.
Sabrina ran the 100m and 200m. She did well.

Arriana and Sabrina...goofin' around on the track!!

Track meet #2 for the week was a club meet in Downey.
Again she ran 100m, 200m and long jump. And again, she did well. (My turn to be sick that day so I don't have the stats...oh well.)

And finally basketball banquet.
So there you have it Spring Break 2008.


Deon said...

LOVE the surfer girl shot!! You should see if she would want lessons. And the Charlee's swim suit is so cute! Canada is Ucre's middle name so that made me laugh! Looks like you guys made the best even though you guys were sick! So much fun~!

Melissa said...

I love Charlee's swim suit and matching sun hat. She is too stinkin cute.

Hope you are all feeling better by now!!