Friday, July 18, 2008

Charlee's One Year Pictures

I was so blessed to meet Britty Lee (Meri Hess' sister-in-law). After blogstalking her for a while I realized how talented she is. I absolutely LOVE her photography. I asked if she would mind taking pictures of Charlee for her first birthday next time she was in town. She was so sweet to say she would. So Thursday night we got together and she did a photo shoot of Charlee. She is so incredibly talented!!! I can't wait to share them with you. Britty has posted some of them on her blog. Please check them out. I was brought to tears to see such beautiful pictures of my sweet baby. They are exactly what I wanted!!!!!

UPDATE: Britt was so sweet to send me some of the pictures to post on my blog. (She obviously knows my love of blogging.) So I am going to share one a day until her birthday....starting now!

And that's my sweet girl...just like that all day long...sweet and mellow! Luckily Aunt Tiff gave her this darling yellow outfit for my "mellow yellow". Thanks for the cutest outfit EVER, Aunt Tiff!


Deon said...

THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE!!!!! I can't belive that she is a year old aleady!! What are you doing for her birthday???

denise said...

Great pictures - she's adorable.

ashcraft8 said...

The 4th picture on Britts blog is too die for!!!! The others are darling but OH MY GOSH to the 4th.

Heidi said...

beautiful... those are precious!