Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Lately, Tabitha has REALLY been pushing my buttons! In a BIG way.
I've even gotten so mad at her that she told me that she didn't want to live here anymore! She didn't like it when I said goodbye to her and told her to go find where she DID want to live. She decided that home wasn't so bad after all!
I've even gotten so mad at her that I told her I was going to call the clown babysitter to come take care of her. She is DEATHLY afraid of clowns. Yeah, mean Mom, I know...but it worked!
I've even gotten so mad at her that I had to "throw away" (or hide) her sparkly necklace that I told her 5 times to not spin around.
Okay, get the point. This child is my "difficult" child. I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART......and she drives me bonkers....all in the same minute and a half!
SooOOooo, on to today. Tabitha was NOT listening to any adult in the house. She was not cooperating with getting ready for the day. She purposely was ignoring all the requests I made for her to do certain chores. I finally got so fed up that I told her she could NOT go to Aunt Tiff's house to play today, that she was ruining my day, therefore I was not going to let her have a very fun day. That sent her into a full crying tantrum, head on the pillow, crying, yelling "Mom, you don't love me", etc, etc.
It finally got quiet. I heard her faintly talking..but didn't pay too much attention as I was busily attending to two other kids. My curiousity got sparked and I asked Gian to see what Tabitha was doing. He came out of the room with a smile and said, "She's by her bed and saying a prayer. She was asking Heavenly Father to help her make good choices."
UGH....oH mY HeArT!!!! What a sweet girl!
She sheepishly came out of the room and said "Mom, I asked Heavenly Father to help me make good choices."
Lots of hugs (and tears o'plenty) later, I realized two things:
1. I am getting through to my kids the importance of God and prayer.
2. I really DO love each of my children UNCONDITIONALLY!!!!! (red-headed and all)


Maosi Fam said...

aww that is so glad that she is already learning where and who to go to during hard time or when she needs some assistance!

cari said...

I love moments like that!

cricket said...

you obviously are doing something right. how sweet is that. i think every mom goes through things with their children. honestly, i went through a phase where i told my boys when they were acting up (which was and still is frequently) that i would have to call "Dr. BeeGood" and he was coming to give them a shot in the ear to help them be nice. they hate shots and that totally worked. you are a great mom!

Hess Fam said...

Oh I LOVE that story!

Jackie Rama said...

I love it! The other day I got mad at Brooke and she told me Heavenly Father feels sad when I yell. Ahhhhhhhhh! Did she HAVE to say that???