Thursday, December 18, 2008

My bestie's birthday

Happy Birthday to my bestie!!!

For my good friend Audra's birthday, Mary and I took her out for a little well-deserved pampering. No kids, no time limitations...just time to hang out and be gal pals.

You are a true friend!

I'm glad you have stuck with me through lots of life's ups and downs!

Without your friendship, I'd be a lonely gal.

I hope you had a terrific day...thanks for sharing it with me.
Lots of happy days,
(P.S. Mary, we are sooooo going to celebrate next year!!!!)

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pati-Sue said...

It's good to have friends to "cut loose" with once in a while. It's also good to remember that what you do for others comes back to you, sooner or later, good or not so good. Looks like you all got pampered, and enjoyed it.