Saturday, January 10, 2009

Is it Valentine's Day yet??????

The wait is killing me!!! I've started decorating. I'm constantly on the look out for anything heart shaped. I just LOVE Valentine's Day!!
Now, I know what you're thinking....."Man, poor Gian. He must really have to do something grand for her....she's high maintenence." Nope, you're wrong. I don't expect much from him....just tolerance for all the red and pink hearts that collect in our house- and perhaps a little chocolate along the way.
The holiday is all about me showing more LOVE for my family... some sugar cookies, some love notes, maybe a party for friends, a fun dinner. Anyone have any more ideas for me??
OHHHHhhh, I'm all a fluster. I just can't wait!!!


Hess Fam said...

i totally get it! it's the colors, the happiness, and the least stressful holiday! what's not to love!

cari said...

I wanna be your daughter! How fun!