Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This girl will win your heart

Charlee has started doing this TOTALLY CHEESEY smile that NO ONE can resist.
(I dare you to sit behind us in church and try to not smile and wave back at her...hehe)

She has won over her PaPa for sure. She loves to cuddle with him. And all it takes is that cheesey smile for him to pick her up.


Gregory and Tracey Butters said...

Hello, Amy Sue. Your little girls are darling! Super cute. I hope your dad is doing better. We have been worried about him even from far away. All the best from China! Love, Tracey

Titel Troop said...

Oh my Gosh she is getting so big!! Is her hair changing red?? I love the smile.....what a crack up!

Maosi Fam said...

omg that smile is to die for!!! she is getting soooo stinkin big!!!