Thursday, February 12, 2009

I heart...

...good insurance!

When I picked Sabrina up from school she said that her finger hurt. She showed me her pinky finger and it was swollen and black and blue. Apparently she hurt it while playing basketball at lunch recess. (Don't get me started on how the school dropped the bomb on this one. We'll let that slide for now.)
We decided to take her in to urgent care. They took some x-rays and she has a vertical break in her pinky finger. They put this cast on her and told us to wait to hear from the bone specialist tomorrow. Poor more physical activities until further notice (at least 3 weeks).
I am so glad we have Kaiser! We got right in to urgent care...went to radiology...and got wrapped up all with in 1 1/2 hours! And we only have to wait until tomorrow for a specialist to see her.
We were blessed today...nothing too major, excellent insurance, relatives to watch the other kiddies. Hopefully we will be blessed with good news from the specialist tomorrow!


Hess Fam said...

Oh I love it too. I was so hesitant about kaiser going into it because it seems like it has kind of a bad rep. Once I had it and had to live at Doctors appointments...I LOVED it and am a little sad I had to switch back to regular $$$$ insurance!
Anyway...I'm so glad that Sabrina is okay-ish. Collin said she had fun playing with Charlee yesterday!

pati-Sue said...

She is a trooper and so are you. You are blessed with a good health care provider, and child care provider, too! Hang in there Sabrina. Love Mom

Natalie said...

Here's for a speedy recovery.