Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today's I heart.... sweet girls.
(You had to have known I would put that one on here!)

I heart Sabrina.

I love her big brown eyes. I love her willingness to try everything at least once. I love that she is so obedient (although sometimes a struggle). I love how kind she is to others. I love that she loves to be a girly girl with an athletic side.

I heart Tabitha.
I love her beautiful hair. I love her glasses. I love her creativity. I love her stubbornness...she's going to make a great lawyer someday! I love her compassion, when someone is hurt she is right there with a band-aid. I love when she sings into a "microphone" (actually a vaccumm attachment).

I heart Charlee.

I love her silly little smile. I love her tiny little feet. I love how she mimicks everything the girls do. I love how she has to run to get anywhere...not walk, run! I love that she says "mommy mommy mommymommy mommymommy" all day long!!! I love how she knows motions to songs, but won't try to sing them.

Yep, I love these special girls!

Happy Valentine's Day Sabrina, Tabitha and Charlee!


ashcraft8 said...

I heart those girls too!!!!!

pati-Sue said...

oops...I think I put my comment in the wrong place. Well I love the girls, and I love that we have a chance to be in their lives.

Hess Fam said...

wipe a tear for yesterday and today's hearts! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your girls. But you already know that!...and so do they!