Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rylee's sweet 16 at Disneyland

Gian, Sabrina, Tabitha and I took Rylee (my niece) to Disneyland for her 16th birthday. She got in FREE for her birthday...and because of the 2fer promotion, she actually gets to go back again to California Adventure for FREE!

We had the best time! We were there for 5 hours and were able to go on 10 rides (all the fast ones of course), eat dinner, get hot chocolate and cookies, and do a little shopping. Whew...what a day!

We couldn't pass up the "new" It's A Small World ride. We loved all looking for all the changes that were made to the ride.

This rather dark picture is proof positive that Rylee got her driver's licence on her 16th birthday...nevermind that it's only for Autopia.

Tabitha's a pretty good driver, too! (Even though she can barely see over the steering wheel.)

Happy Birthday Rylee! We love our favorite 16 year old! Thanks for sharing your birthday with us.


ashcraft8 said...

Thanks for taking her. She has a blast. The pic of the girls is really cute.

pati-Sue said...

What a fun time and a great memory for Rylee and you all, too. It is good to be aunt and uncle and cousins to a SWEET 16 year old!
Hooray for all of you!

Hess Fam said...

Riley sure is lucky to have a totally fun aunt like you!

cari said...

Very cool! I can't believe Drew has a 16 year old!