Sunday, February 22, 2009

The next stage in the Sabrina finger dilemma

The looks worse in person!

We went in to the Orthopedic specialist to find out what's going on with Sabrina's finger. The swelling has gone down. So they took some more x-rays. The x-rays show that the bone is in alignment (good news), however the bone is trying to grow outward and not inward(bad news). So she had to have her pinky taped to her ring finger a certain way so it will grow straight. She has to have a cast to totally immobilize the finger and to not risk it getting bumped. She'll wear this cast for about 2 weeks and then they will take it off, redo the x-rays, and probably cast again for another couple weeks. After that, she will start physical therapy to get mobility back in her finger. (At this point she can't move it too far.)

She picked a white cast because she wanted her friends to use different colored Sharpie markers to make it pretty. The first person to sign it was this guy you see above...the Ortho tech, Dameon. Next, were the doctors. Lots of family and friends have signed it and it's filling up fast. Her cast is looking pretty! Her uncle Drew even drew a CTR ring on it where her ring would be!

I am proud of how Sabrina is dealing with all this. Especially since she has been taken off ALL physical activity for a month...devastating to an atheltic girl!! Hang in there girl...we love you!


Deon said...

Poor Sabrina!! Keep us updated

pati-Sue said...

Sabrina you are a trooper! The cast is very colorful, and fun.
Running rehab will be fun, too, when you are healed. Love you, Nana.

cari said...

I'm sorry she has to deal with this! Casts are fun for like a week maybe and then they're a big pain. My son broke his thumb and had a cast for 8 weeks in the summer. It pretty much sucked. I hope she's feeling better soon!

P.S. Thanks for the concern you showed in your comment on FB! I'm fine. I can't really talk about it right now but I know everything will eventually be good. Thanks! :)