Sunday, February 15, 2009

Update on Sabrina's finger

So here's the latest. Sabrina had to go in to see the Ortho tech to see if her cast is okay or if she needed something else. She has too much swelling to determine the exact extent of her break. Her break goes vertically from the bend in her finger down to her knuckle. When she broke her finger the bone slid down a bit. The concern now is whether or not it has rotated as well. We go back on Thursday to take more x-rays and to see the orthopedic doctor. The top picture was taken just before the cast went back on. So they rewrapped her cast (it's hard on one side and soft on the other). It's like the last one but longer and she has use of her thumb and first two fingers.

Sabrina is a trooper! She has a high tolerance for pain. We are proud of her courageousness.


Hess Fam said...

Oh poor Sabrina. I sure missed her at church today. Good thing she is off school tomorrow to give her one more supervised day!
Hope you're feeling better little friend!

pati-Sue said...

Hang in there, Sabrina and family!

Heidi said...

Feel better Sabrina! What a trooper you are! I have droken both my pinkies before when I was yonger... and a lot of my toes too! It does take time to get better. I'm sure you will heal fast because Sabrina has things to do! =) Tell mom a little Brighton might help! =)
P.S. Amy, I haven't been to Brighton in so long!