Sunday, February 15, 2009

What a "LOVELY" day!!!

Our Valentine's Day was so "lovely"!

We woke the girls up early to open their "lovely" Valentine cards.

Gian and I went to the "lovely" Newport Beach temple.

Before we went in, we dropped Sabrina off with Megan Limburg so she could spend the "lovely" weekend with her. Megan is moving to Arizona soon, so the girls had to have at least one big hurrah. (Thank goodness Jennifer was willing to take my invalid daughter for the weekend!)

After our session at the temple, Gian and I ate a "lovely" late lunch at Panera.

When we got home, my "other" favorite Valentine (Thomas...I love you, little boy) came by with his wonderful parents to give me some "lovely" flowers. Thanks so much for the beautiful tulips!

And finally to end such a "lovely" day, Gian and I went out to dinner my favorite place EVER, Outback (another 'I heart' place...mmmm, love me some Chocolate Thunder from Down Under).

Oh what a "lovely" Valentine's Day!

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pati-Sue said...

You forgot that your "lovely " mother and your "lovely" sister-in-law got to take care of two of your little valentines so you could celebrate your ultimate favorite day! Glad to help make it a special day. Love...