Sunday, February 1, 2009

The things I heart....

In celebration of my favorite holiday, Valentine's day, I'm going to post about something I love each day. Remember last year's countdown to Valentine's day?? If not check it out. (Go to my sidebar to February of 2008)

This year will be different...but enjoy!!

So, for today...

I heart

ACE OF CAKES (click on the blue to see more about the show)

I love this show on the Food Network. I love the creativity, the craftsmanship, the camaraderie, and the cakes. I love Duff's laugh- it's so contagious. I love Geoff's mellow personality.

Check out their website:


I sooooOOOooo want a t-shirt!!!

Watch the show this week and tell me what you think!

(P.S. Thanks Denise for getting me hooked! You owe me a cake now..hehe)


ashcraft8 said...

Yea, I love your Valentine count downs! I'll be tuning in each day for sure.

Hess Fam said...

well even though I've never seen this show...i am really excited for the next 14 days! happy feb!

pati-Sue said...

Where are my Valentine Carols?? I've got to find them fast!