Sunday, March 15, 2009

Baby Dance Class

Charlee and I joined our friends Melissa and Audrey for a baby dance class. It was so fun having that one on one time with her to just play and have fun!

Don't worry...that's actually a "love choke hold" that Audrey has on Charlee.

She loved waving the ribbons around the room.

Charlee always picked the maracas to play during instrument time.

Ring around the rosies on the first class, not a good idea..lots of crying. As the classes went on...she loved it!

Her favorite toy of all... the sensory ball.

We had so much fun...I can't wait to do another class with her!


pati-Sue said...

She is growing up! We are lucky to have an awesome Parks & Rec. Dept. here--so many opportunities.
Enjoy the adventures.

Melissa said...

We LOVED taking this class with you! Thanks for all the fun...and thank goodness for Charlee's patience with Audrey's "love holds"!! Did you guys decide to sign up for the next baby dance class?? Keep me posted. We definitely need to have you guys over for a playdate soon!