Sunday, March 8, 2009

My heart is hurting for this girl

This last Thursday (March 5th) Sabrina got her cast off. She also had more x-rays taken. We were hoping that it would be the end of this saga...but it's not. Unfortunately, her finger is "taking longer than expected to heal", says her Orthopedist. The break is still clearly evident on the x-rays. And the bone is still trying to grow outwards. So she now has a half cast/splint, wrapped with an ace bandage. She can only take it off to take a bath and do about 2-5 minutes of exercising her hand...then it goes right back on. She will have this on for about 3 weeks (just after her birthday) and then it's back to the doctor for more x-rays. She has very little muscle strength. When the cast came off, her hand just fell limp. She is definately looking at some physical therapy when all the healing is complete.
(cutting off the cast...note the cotton balls in her ears. The tech was so sweet that he even put cotton balls in her ears to muffle the noise and he made a cute little purse to hold her old cast to take it home in.)
Here's the kicker. She still cannot participate in "ANYTHING active AT ALL", again quoting her doctor. In fact, her doctor doesn't even want her outside during PE or recess because she knows the temptation is just too great. I didn't really agree with that...I know Sabrina knows her limitations and I trust her. But I am feeling so bad for her no being able to do anything right now. For those of you who know her, this is pure torture. In addition, she can't continue violin this year at school since she can't even hold it.
(all wrapped up for another 3 weeks)
My heart is hurting for her. She is so mopey, bummed, and frustrated with all this. I see her at PE time sometimes and she just sits on a bench with her book, longingly staring at her friends running and playing games. It's so sad. I know that things could be worse...she could have a life-threating illness or be totally incapaciated, etc. And we are grateful that this is minor. But I know that in her little 8 year old (almost 9) world, this is the worst. I am trying to think of things to do to help her, trying to give her things she CAN do and special treats for putting up with all this. She is truely being a trooper. (And has a high tolerance for pain, we are finding out.) But if any of you have any suggestions/advice, please share!

(not my normally happy Sabrina)


pati-Sue said...

I'm trying to find a silver lining for this period in Sabrina's life. All I can think of is: Perhaps she will play the flute next year and really love it! as I have said, she is a trooper and so is Tabitha while Sabrina gets the attention. It's a family trial, for sure. Love y'all. Mom

Titel Troop said...

Oh poor Sabrina!! I had to deal with two different kids with broken legs but it never even as complicated as this! They just got casts for a few weeks and then they were good to go. What about having her pick out something special at Target just for a craft, paiting, or beads, or something along those lines. Might help to keep her mind off it for a bit??!! Maybe she can even do it at school when they are in PE?? Hang in there!

Hess Fam said...

Oh sister. I am so sad for my little friend. Hang in there Sabrina.

cari said...

I'm so sorry! Not ever meeting her, I can tell from your blog that she's an active little one. Would they let her take pictures at P.E.? Maybe she could take pictures and make some kind of a book or scrapbook so she could feel a part of it. I don't know...I stink at advice!