Sunday, March 15, 2009

Girls Day Out - CUW

CUW is always a fun girls day out.

I loved how these girls had to make such a grand entrance into the hotel, princess wave and all!

My mom, her friend Carolyn Fickes, Tiff, Rylee, Cassidy and I went to the boutique and did some fun shopping.

My mom was feeling a bit Cleopatra-ish...or maybe she just overdid it on the boutique.

We managed to find a few things to buy.

We met up with Melissa, Jessica, Natalie, Faith and Courtney and then went out to lunch at Shenandoah.

(I think Faith had enough of all the action!)
I always love CUW days. Just a chance to spend the day with my fun family and friends. Thanks for the girls day out!


ashcraft8 said...

Drew is dying over your moms pic. He just doesn't understand the fun that happens at CUW when the girls get together.

cari said...

How fun! You're mom is so great!

pati-Sue said...

I look forward to those days, too. It is always fun. Love ya!

Natalie said...

I love the picture of your mom on the couch!!