Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy 9th Birthday Sabrina!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart!
What a wonderful child you are!
You are a joy! You make everyone happy!
Here are 9 interesting things about Sabrina:
1. Sabrina loves all animals. Her favorite animal is a horse, which she swears she will own someday. On her birthday list she wrote that she wanted another hermit crab, a puppy, a hamster, a gecko, a fish and finally just wrote "a pet".

2. Sabrina loves to try new things. She is always up for a new adventure. She has even tried escargot. In 1st grade they studied France and cooked escargot...she liked it, but said that was enough for her.

3. Sabrina went from crawling to running. Never walked...just ran! I should have known then that running was her calling in life.

4. By age 2 Sabrina had been in the hospital 4 times. Viral infection at 7 weeks, tubes in her ears at 16 months, dehydration, and cut her chin open (stitches). There have been more instances with her since then...but I've lost count. Isn't it ironic that she gets to spend her 9th birthday with splint on her hand?

5. Sabrina's favorite food is spaghetti, she has beautiful brown eyes, can understand some Italian...She is definately a "Daddy's girl".

6. Sabrina is an excellent speller. She rarely misses any words on her spelling list...and rarely has to study them. She LOVES school...and LOVES eating in the "cafe" (especially on teriayki meatball days).

7. Sabrina loves things that are fast. She loves to ride fast roller coasters. She loves to ride her bike fast. She loves to run fast. She does her homework way too fast (opps, some mommy complaining right there).

8. Sabrina sleeps with about 15 extra things on her bed. 4 American Girl dolls, 5 Webkins, 2 Build-A-Bears, 3 blankets (and one "special blankie"), 2 pillows, a shoe box of her latest collection, papers under her pillow and a partridge in a pear tree (just kidding...on the last one only).

9. Sabrina loves to be with her friends. She loves to be with her cousins, aunt and uncle that live next door. She loves to be with her Nana and Papa. She loves her sisters. She loves her Mom and Dad. She is very fortunate to have lots of people that love her too!

We are so delighted to have this wonderful girl in our lives.

Happy Birthday Sabrina!


pati-Sue said...

We love you
Sabrina! You are our brown-eyed beauty, good girl, a truly elect daughter of God. Happy 9th Birthday to you...and...keep on running! Love, Nana and Papa

Hess Fam said...

Happy Day my cute friend. Horses are my favorite. Tip from one wanna be horse owner to another...don't marry a California boy. They're not really savvy in that department...but I do love my husband!

ashcraft8 said...

Happy Birthday Sabrina!!! I love the 9 list.She is so well rounded. We are so lucky to be so close to see and hear about all of her adventures. Let's try to cut back on some of the accidents this year!
We love you.

cari said...

Happy birthday! What a great girl!