Sunday, April 26, 2009

Poor Sick Baby!

My poor little Charlee is one sick girl!!
On Monday I took her to the doctor for a chronic cough that she has had since like December. Ya, bad mom...just take her in 4 months later...but I thought maybe it was related to getting teeth or maybe she just coughs that way? But I finally got fed up with it and took her in. The doctor examined her and gave us a possible diagnosis of asthma and sent us on our way with an inhaler.
On Tuesday we tried it out and there was no change!
On Wednesday we continued to try it out, still with no change.
Thursday, we kept trying the change. BUT, she started getting a fever that night. She also coughed ALL NIGHT LONG.
Friday morning, again I had enough of this and made another appointment.
By the time we (me and all the girls) got to the doctor, Charlee had a fever of 104.3. She was miserable. She got some Motrin right away and then was examined again by the doctor. Dr. said Charlee's breathing was sounding weird so she had us go to get some x-rays. (side note: we had to wait 40 minutes for a tech...not fun with all girls in tow and nothing to entertain them with)
4 xrays later...
The doctor saw a "significant amount" of pneumonia. She had us go back down to the lab for blood work to check her white blood cell count (another side note: we got stuck in the elevator, but at least I had food for the girls this time)
2 vials of blood later...
Her white blood cell count looked good-her body was fighting the infection. Her oxygen level was okay. Based on those factors she got to come home this weekend. We didn't have to stay in the hospital. (side note: Gian just gets off work and arrives to help out)
3 1/2 hours later...and...
1 shot in both legs and a prescription of antibiotics later...
We go home. Strict instructions to keep her home and to come back in on Monday! So back to the doctor on Monday...this time I'm NOT taking all the kids and I'm NOT going ALONE!!!
Charlee seems like she is fine...minus the horrible cough and fever. She wants to be held alot (which I LOVE) and she plays a little with her sisters.
FYI, for anyone that has been around us lately, she is NOT contagious!
Here's to a well-baby soon!!!
(for the record...Sabrina and Tabitha were sooOOOooo well behaved and DIDN'T complain at all. Tabitha had a little meltdown when Charlee got her shot-she doesn't like when someone is in pain! I am grateful for how incredibly patient they were!)


pati-Sue said...

It's so weird, Charlee didn't really look sick at Power Lunch--I was shocked when you called. We pray for her by name have faith that she will soon be her old self. It is so hard because little ones can't tell you how they feel. Thank heavens for antibiotics!!! Mom & Dad

Hess Fam said...

i sure hope you guys have good insurance these days. poor charlee. i hope she gets to feeling better soon. so sad.
hope you kind of enjoyed your anniversary. if'll have 'dozens' more!!!

cari said...

I hope she's doing better. It's so hard having a sick little one!