Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Break...2009

Yeah, I know Spring Break was a week and a half ago...but here's a synopsis of what we did.

We went to the movies with the cousins...to see the Hannah Montana movie. It got the thumbs up from me...and I really like the soundtrack, so much so that we had to find someplace open at 9:30 at night to go buy it. Call me cheesy...but, after all, I am the mom of girls.

We did some crafting.

And we played with the Ashcraft's turtles, Thunder and Lightening.

We went to the Farmer's Market that is at Marine Stadium on Wednesdays. The kids had a blast going from vendor to vendor getting free samples.

And then we headed down to San Diego for a few days.

We went swimming in the hotel pool.

We went to the zoo.

I love the flamingos...but, man, they STINK!

We got real lucky because a baby giraffe was born the day before we went and we got to see it...sooOOo cute!

The next day we went to Little Italy. It was just okay...not quite what I had hoped for...but there was a great Farmer's Market and some neat artwork on the buildings.

So, there you have it...Spring Break 2009.


cari said...

What a fun Spring Break! I hope Charlee's feeling better!

Anne said...

Talk about crazy fun! Good for you guys!