Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tincher School Open House

Last week we went to the girl's school, Tincher Preparatory, for Open House. It was a busy evening trying to see everything for both girls and trying to visit perspective classes for next year. But we managed and had fun seeing all the fun work they have been doing in their classes. (Thanks Nana for joining us!)
I love the picture above of the girls holding hands and chatting as we walk to the school. We cross this street everyday and this time they decided to hold hands-too cute for words.

This is Tabitha's first "official" Open House. She was so excited about showing us her classroom...I mean SOOOoooOOO excited, that we had to go there first.
Mrs. Matheus (Kindergarten) and Tabitha...this is the most soft-spoken person you have ever met and she can run a Kindergarten class like nobody's business.

And Sabrina had a lot to show us in her class as well...including her beautiful cursive book that she has been working on.

This is Mrs. Wallace (3rd grade) and Sabrina...showing off the fact that they are both "cast-less". Her teacher broke her arm and was in a cast at the same time as Sabrina's finger incident.

And what is Open House night without a trip to the ice cream shop. I kinda think the girls had the most fun there!

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pati-Sue said...

I love Open House! I loved it as a teacher, and I love it now as an interested by-stander. The girls' work was fun to see and shows their efforts to be as good as they can be. Tabitha, keep the sunflower growing--like you, and Sabrina, your cursive is getting better and better.Thanks for including me! Love ya, Nana