Thursday, July 23, 2009

More summer fun

We've been busy. Here's what we've been up to...

Mondays are still spent at the beach. Apparently Tabitha loves the water. That's her..sprawled out on a boogie board, basking in the sun. Meanwhile Charlee is trying to get as much sand as possible on/in her body and Sabrina is busy making sandcastles.

I took the older girls to the free movie at Edwards theater in Long Beach to see "Kit Kitterege-American Girl". My friend Melissa took her daughter, Audrey, and Charlee to see "Surf's Up". Brave lady-but I guess they did great!

The kids had a fun time washing the VW Bug that we were babysitting.
And Tiff and I enjoyed squeezing into it and moving onto the street.

We had the missionaries over for dinner.

We made a trip up to the Skirball Center in L.A. to see the Noah's Ark Exhibit.

However, some of us got distracted by the Super Heros exhibit.

We really liked how hands-on and kid-friendly the Noah's Ark Exhibit was. There was so much to do and see that it took the full 2 hours to explore.

The down side of this fun trip was TRAFFIC!!! Luckily it was only a few miles to the L.A. Temple. So we stopped to eat and then made a trip to the temple grounds.

The kids were dying to climb this tree. And the little ones were dying to jump in the fountains.

I love the L.A. temple since it is where I went to the temple for the first time and where Gian and I were married for time and all eternity. Someday I hope that these beautiful girls choose to marry in the temple.

We have definately been out and about with lots of library time, friend play dates, concerts in the park. But we also have had plenty of time to just hang out at home and play. I just love summer time!!


Natalie said...

I wanted to go to the Noah's Ark exhibit so badly before we moved. I just want to come home looking at your blog.

ashcraft8 said...

I love the weekly updates. So many things to do and somehow you fit it all in! Amazing

Cari said...

Fun! I love Kit Kittredge!