Sunday, July 12, 2009

We[re NOT M.I.A., we're just.... the beach with friends - every Monday! a wedding for Gian's nephew, Joshua and Debbie.

Gian dancing with the girls about sent me over the edge. I'm sure it will come all too soon when he's the father of the bride(s). concerts in the park at Marine Stadium with some friends from the ward. a "birthday party" for this cute 3 year old (Happy Birthday Peyton!). Gotta love Chuck E. Cheese!

...watching this little girl grow up WAY too fast! (She's going to be 2 in just 2 weeks...what happened?)

...walking around the block and going to a fun baseball game at Blair Field.

...celebrating 4th of July with a BBQ and walking to Ocean Blvd. to watch fireworks.

...playdates with friends.

...a trip to Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach- a fun find!

...a wedding reception/birthday party/fiesta/waterslide

...and trips to the library for the summer reading program, swimming lessons at Belmont Pool, watching movies, writing letters to Nana and Papa, hanging out with cousins, trips to get any type of frozen tasty, and the list goes on and on.

Summer fun...and there's more to come!


ashcraft8 said...

Wow, you wrapped up a lot of stuff in 1 post. You're awesome! I need to follow your lead. Sounds like a great sumer so far. Rylee just informed me tonight that there are only 7 weeks of summer left. Keep enjoying it while we can.

Hess Fam said...

Geez Louise! You are one busy mama! I want to be a part of every one of those funnest things! Your girls are never going to want to go back to school!

Craig and Cricket said...

gotta love summer! it seems to be going way too fast. Continue to have a great time!

Doug Field said...

I feel bad we missed the 4th of July party! I can't believe we moved and I can't believe how much I miss Long Beach. Keep having lots of fun in the sun!