Friday, September 18, 2009

Jalen's Journey

Many of you know that Sabrina is a runner. She ran on a track and field/cross country club named Southern California Running Wild.

Her coach, Lance Thayer, was great...and he has some talented kids of his own that also ran on the team. One of his kids, Jalen (in both pictures above on the right), has recently found out he has brain cancer.
He is a remarkable kid...very talented in athletics, extremely smart, and has a huge heart! He is fighting this cancer with all his might and is going to win the fight!
Our family is praying for him and his family. We hope that you will also include The Thayer Family in your prayers. Please visit his site: Jalen's Journey ( and let him know that there are people that are praying for him.

Jalen, we believe in you and wish you all the best. We think of you often, talk about what a great person you are, and pray for you and your family. Sabrina is concerned about you and wants you to win this race, just like you win all the rest!

With love, The Del Bello Family


Maosi Fam said...

Omg that just broke my heart! He will for sure be in our prayers as well as his family! Thanks for sharing...they can never be too many prayers:)

pati-Sue said...

We will add the Thayers to our prayers, by name. God knows Jalen and has a plan for him. Fight on, Jalen.