Sunday, September 27, 2009

Tabitha's Birthday...continued...

The party never ends for this girl.

So on the Friday before her birthday, we got to take cookies to her class.

She had her first spelling test and got 100%!

Then Saturday morning (19th) she woke up to "THE BEST PRESENT IN THE WORLD" (her direct quote)!

Everyone had to take a turn getting their hair cut at "Tabitha's Hair Salon". (move over Megan Hess....Tabitha's ready for her hair career *wink*)

After spending most of the day with our hair in the shampoo station, we ventured off to Downtown Disney for a special Build-A-Bear treat. She picked out the sparkly, pink unicorn, OF COURSE!

And for her birthday dinner, Tabitha picked out Goofy's Kitchen. (I told you the girl likes to get her grub on.)

Besides the hair salon, the highlight of her birthday was visiting with Jasmine. Something about that jingly, sparkly (and kinda immodest) outfit just sends her over the top!

On Sunday (the 20th, which is actually my mom's birthday-thanks for sharing your b-day Mom) we celebrated with family.

We really love this 6 year old girl and her spunky personality!


Craig and Cricket said...

where did you get the cutest salon set up??? I know a little girl who would love it! It looks like a VERY fun b-day!

Hess Fam said...

I'm so glad her stylist dreams have come true!

pati-Sue said...

So many fun things for a birthday girl. Tabitha is a sweetie!
Love y'all Mom