Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tabitha's Royal Princess Party/Day-out

As mentioned in a previous post, we won a special day out to a "Royal Princess Party". I decided that since Tabitha's birthday is coming up, that I would take her to the party. Tabitha and I got all dressed up. And then we made the journey up to Glendale to party like a princess.

We walked in on the red carpet.

There was some crafts, some yummy snacks, music playing and balloons to play with. Tabitha wanted to color a princess picture-which she signed "I love you Mom".

Then, we enjoyed a fun performance/concert by Debi Derryberry.

We especially loved her song about freckles and Tabitha got to go up front and sing with her. (Thanks Heather for the pictures.)

After the performance Tabitha got her nails painted. She was in heaven.

But then the time came to take the carriage back to Long Beach.

When we got home Sabrina was gone on a little outing with her friend (a later post on that) so Gian and I took Tabitha and Charlee out to dinner. Tabitha's choice: Islands. Good choice Tabi!


pati-Sue said...

What a fun day for Princess Tabitha. A great memory for an almost 6-year old and her lucky Mom. Love ya T-Ro! Nana

Deon said...

This looks like so much fun I wish they did something like this up here!!! What a great day for a princess!!! And I TOTALLY MISS ISLANDS and I am so jealous!