Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween Happenings

Yes, just for the record, Halloween did happen at the Del Bello home. I am not a huge lover of Halloween (I think I just lost some friends by saying that...but it's just me). And this year I was not very excited about Halloween, or should I say the choices my children made for costumes. But...I gave up the reins and let them choose anyway. (lesson year they are back under my spell.)

So here they are:

This was the night of our ward Halloween party. Sabrina was a runner (like she's not that everyday anyways), Tabitha was Jasmine (at least we found a Jasmine costume that was somewhat modest) and Charlee was a Bumblebee (she did NOT appreciate that costume at all).

These are their costumes on Halloween night:

Sabrina as a goul (YUCK...but Tiff did a great job on her makeup!)

Tabitha as Jasmine and her cousin Devyn as Snow White.

Charlee, the Bumblebee

We also carved a I'm not a total Halloween hater.

So there you have it...Halloween Happenings.


pati-Sue said...

Every Halloween is different. The girls all looked Halloween-y and they are all cuties the other 364 days of the year, too. I love the Halloween colors but not a lot of the nasty, gorey, death decor. I am anxious to get on to Thanksgiving and then, Christmas.
We love having the girls and the cousins come here to T or T.

Hess Fam said... haven't lost me as a friend...but...I do wish we shared the same love for Halloween as we do for the Happiest Place on Earth!

Craig and Cricket said...

you didn't loose my friendship...I am right there with you. Halloween isn't my favorite!!! Your girls looked cute! I think that there is WAY too much hipe on Halloween and Thanksgiving is just washed out. So sad!

Jenny said...

Mal was a bumblebee too!