Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SCA Junior Olympic Cross Country Race

Sabrina ran in the first of her series of 2 races to qualify for National Junior Olympics for Cross Country. This race was only for the Southern California section of Cross Country. She had to qualify in the top 25 to go on to Regionals next week.

The race was held at Mt. Sac...THE TOUGHEST course in Southern California. Lots of steep hills and hot weather!

Here is the bantam girls lined up waiting for the start. There was a total of 64 girls that ran in this race.

Does she look nervous to you? (Sabrina's the one in all black. The two girls on the right in bright green are the top two girls in her division. They have some height on her, wouldn't ya say?)

On your mark.

B A N G!
The gun goes off! (I love this official. He always picks Sabrina out and calls her "small one". He also gives the best pep talk to the kids before they race.)

This is a picture of the "switchbacks" hills. The course they ran was two "valley loops" and up the "switchbacks" and flat to the finish. 1.8 miles.
I didn't get any pictures of her running...camera issues, along with tears in my eyes the whole time. (I was the only one there with her, Gian had to work.) She ran strong...in the 10th place spot the entire race....until the flat to the finish where she picked up her speed and passed one girl.
YEP! She finished in 9th place out of 64 girls with a time of 12 minutes and 44 seconds.
This is my happy girl at the finish, with medal in hand.
And this is my even happier girl with a shaved ice in hand. She loves getting this special treat after she runs.
So we are off to Regionals next week in Escondido, CA. If she qualifies in the top 20 she will go on to National Junior Olympics in Reno, NV! Fingers crossed that she does well. Sabrina really would love to have the title of being "Nationally Ranked in Cross Country Running". What a wonderful talent this little girl has....she has been blessed!
This has been a tough year for her with losing her team, teammates, coaches and support system....but she has a passion, a love for running, is self-motivated and is determined! We are proud of her hard work!
Oh yeah, she wore this pink ribbon on her shoe for Jalen. (Click on his name to read about this wonderful boy. He was on her team last year.) She has him in her heart as she races and wishes things could be different for him. But she prays for him and his family and shows her support by wearing this pink ribbon. (And it hasn't come off yet.)

Good luck Sabrina. You are small, but mighty!!!


Heather said...

Way to go Sabrina!! Good luck in your next race-- we will keep our fingers crossed.

pati-Sue said...

We'll be there for you in Escondido! Run your best. We are very proud of your accomplishments.
Love; Nana and Papa

Craig and Cricket said...

Nice Job Sabrina! I must say that when you said there were tears in your eyes, I can totally relate. There is something about watching your children succeed at something they love that just does that to moms! Can't wait to hear the outcome next week! Good Luck!

Jenny said...

Go Sabrina Sue!! Olympics 2018??

Anne said...

WOW! Congrats to Sabrina for placing in cross country AND school offices! I think she's accomplished more in her life than I have in mine!