Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reno - day 1 - Getting there

We woke the girls up early..4 AM, to be exact, on Thursday, December 10th get to the airport for our first flight to Reno. We bid Charlee farewell the night before and left her in the capable hands of my brother and sister-in-law. Yes, I cried!!!
Gian's sister graciously took us to the airport...Thanks Deb! (Next time we will find a more appropriate time to leave.)
With 4 suitcases packed in the car and 3 carry-ons we were off to the Orange County airport.
Do they look excited to you?
Mind you, this is their FIRST time going on an airplane.
(P.S. Tabitha lost her top tooth the night before we left. The girl was on cloud 9 already!)

We made it to the airport in plenty of time and got experience going through security for the first time. That wasn't as bad as I had anticipated...thank goodness.
We waited a while before we left Orange County and the girls were very patient. Luckily my mom got to go on this adventure with was great having her with us and we loved sharing this whole experience with her.

Finally it was time to board the plane. We flew from OC to San Francisco and then from San Francisco to Reno.

The whole process of getting on the plane and meeting connections went very well. The only hiccup was that Sabrina hadn't eaten anything and got a bit sick on the first flight. And they both complained about their ears, but that's par for the course.

This bear greeted us in the Reno airport...

...along with some cooler temperatures and some fluffy white stuff.
More on that in the next blog post.
Since our trip to Reno was a MAJOR vacation for us, we have lots of blog posts to share with you. Please stay tuned for all of our adventures.

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