Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reno-still day 1 - A White Welcome

Another first for the girls was the beautiful white snow that welcomed us to Reno.
As we landed in Reno, this was the view from the airplane...

We gathered our luggage and went outside to wait for the shuttle to take us to the hotel. Not only did the girls get to experience the lovely white snow, but they (and us) also got to experience cold weather. It was 7 degrees when we walked outside...yes, you read that right...7 DEGREES! UGH!

Sabrina and Tabitha were so anxious to touch the snow, that they didn't put on gloves. They loved eating it (gross, I know...but who cares) and COLD!

After we got checked in to the hotel, Gian and Sabrina went out for a run. She needed to get used to the new altitude (which had no effect on her) and used to running in the snow and cold.

Meanwhile, Tabitha, my mom and I decided to go out for a walk as well. Tabi was dying to play in the snow! She was so stinkin' cute with that hat on and her little pink cheeks and nose!

We walked all the way down to this famous sign, which was really only a couple of blocks...But in the cold it felt like miles!

After our cold and wet walk, we went back to the lovely (enter sarcasim here) CIRCUS CIRCUS hotel to defrost and explore.

We spent some time (and money) at the Midway.

Santa and Mrs. Claus visited Circus Circus everyday. Sabrina had plenty of things to tell him. Tabitha, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with him...but was in love with Mrs. Claus. And Mrs. Claus was in love with her!

The Midway was fun...but way too smokey. Just like Las Vegas, the casinos are nasty smelling...it wrecked havoc on my eyes, nose and everything else!

After dinner we went to pick up Sabrina's packet for the race.

This was projected on to the ceiling...pretty cool.

And we got to chat with some cross country friends.

A pretty full first day of our trip, I would say! And we were pooped out by evening time.


pati-Sue said...

Fun in the snow and inside too!

Hess Fam said...

Great. Now she's a 'big fan' of Mrs. Claus. Talk about stiff competition!